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TVS: Community Commercials

Document Information

File: A/A56/0403/09

Box: 3995258

Summary of Document

This file contains application forms for various different public services announcements (PSAs) that were aired on TVS Television in Southampton. The application forms contain scripts and information on the organisation requesting the airtime. There are also various letters and memoranda concerning whether or not to approve the requests. The file contains documents from February 1983 until September 1990.

Several controversial issues were dealt with in the process. One concern was for a PSA on contraception, and another was on homosexuality.   The file contains a series of letters between the IBA and TVS concerning the issue. The PSA on the homosexuality issue had attached revised guidelines on groups that offer counselling, which included not referencing the sexual orientation of the counsellors, and stressing that the purpose of the counselling was to relieve anxiety or distress only. Other applicants included counselling services for sexually abused children, and an AIDS hotline in Bournemouth and another in Sussex.


Letter dated 13 June 1986 from Teresa Hoyland to Jane Tsabet

Additional Guideline on Public Service Announcements: Homosexual Counselling Organisations dated 21 March 1985

Letter dated 2 June 1983 from Clare Mulholland to J.A. Blair Scott

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