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Three After Six (Lady Antonia Fraser) Rediffusion

Document Information

File: 3078/2/34

Box: 3995528

Attached media: 3078.2.34

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence from December 1965 to October 1967. In addition to the correspondence, the file contains a Rediffusion post-production script entitled “Three After Six” which was transmitted on Thursday, 2 December 1965.

The show “Three After Six” was a panel discussion conducted by Henry Fairlie, Anthony Howard, and Mary Morgan. The file concerns an unflattering comment made during the show with reference to Lady Antonia Fraser, who was lodging a complaint of libel against Henry Fairlie. The matter was referred to the ITA by Redifussion, and it was handled by the ITA’s solicitors Allen & Overy. Legal action was taken on 2 February 1966, and Rediffusion assumed the defence of the case on 7 February 1966. The file ends with the drafting of an apology from the ITA, and the discussion of damages to be paid, which amounted to 2,000 guineas for Lady Antonia Fraser, and another 2,000 for her solicitor, plus expenses.


Letter dated 8 February 1966 from A.W.Groocock to W.A.C. Collingwood

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