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The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Moonies)

Document Information

Classification: Programmes

File: 5008/5/12 (2)

Box: 3995561

Attached media: 5008.5.12 D1, 5008.5.12 D2

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence related to an ATV documentary titled “The Moonies”. The file contains documents from March 1980 to October 1980. Also included is a promotional packet from the Unification Church about its beliefs.

The programme “The Moonies” was produced by ATV, and aired on 7 February 1980. The bulk of the correspondence in this file related to repeated complaints by the Unification Church about the documentary (see letter to Biddlecombe). Mr Biddlecombe was a representative of the Church based in London. Identical letters were sent to IBA broad members and other public figures, including the Bishop of Wakefield. In addition to the letters from the Unification Church, other viewers had written in complimenting the programme for informing the public about the sect (see Hosking letter).


Letter of 28 March 1980 from Barbara Hosking

Letter of 23 May 1980 from Sir Brian Young to Richard Biddlecombe

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