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This file contains correspondence between the ITA and The Guild of Television Producers and Directors dating between 6/8/1963 – 3/4/1967. From reading the early correspondence within the file it is clear the guild felt that they wanted the views of directors and producers to be heard by the authority. Mr Bredin wrote to the authority (26/6/1963) requesting that he met with the authority to discuss this issue. On 22/7/1963 he went to lunch with Jan Choyce, Frank Copplestone and Robert Ponsonby. Ponsonby remarks in his memorandum (23/7/1963) that the discussion was very pleasant yet inconclusive and that perhaps Mr Bredin was acting reluctantly. Bredin suggested that the authority should contain within its staff an experienced director/producer, and he believed this would enhance the quality of future programmes. The authority did not comment on this proposal and Mr Bredin did not seem to pressure the issue.

However Mr Bredin wrote to Lord Hill about the same matter (6/8/1963) and asked to have a meeting over dinner. This is agreed. The file also contains a memorandum of a meeting held between the ITA and the Screenwriter’s Guild Censorship Committee. The meeting covered Censorship issues, seriousness of writer intentions, and the illogical nature of complaining about censorship in episodes written in a series.

The file also consists of correspondence from The Society of Film and Television Arts Limited (SFTA). The society released their memorandum to the press about the programme Tempo. The ITA set up an authority to study the memorandum on 13/5/1967 and a letter from the SFTA stated that representatives from the society would be present. Representatives of the Guild of Television Producers and Directors were also at the meeting. There are no minutes of the meeting present in the file, however one is able to find out about the meeting by reading the correspondence, for example a detailed Memoranda from 2/2/1967.

Additionally there is an ITA paper entitled “Relationship with the Guild of Television Producers and Directors (16/3/1967). The paper contains a letter from the chairman of the guild and a proposed reply. The guild wanted to establish a liaison between the broadcasting authorities and themselves. In the proposed reply, the chairman said that the ITA value their views but a “liaison” would be too far as the guild remain individuals with allegiances to the companies that employ them. This letter was then revised and sent on 21/3/1967.

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