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The Chairman’s Fact Book and Visits

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This file covers the time period from April 1970 to November 1977. The file consists of solicitations to regional radio and television stations for information on their facilities and staffing, and the resulting briefing sheets. This information was compiled for the benefit of the Chairwoman Lady Plowden, who had a rigorous schedule of visiting all IBA stations.

The file would be useful to those researching particular studios and stations, as the reports detailed the equipment, facilities and departments in each of the stations. The information was comprehensive as it was intended to brief the chair of the IBA on each station prior to the visit. There were some interesting issues that arose with access and transmitter placement, particularly in Wales and at the Black Mountain facility in Northern Island. Both of these locations had issues with buying property that was in the proper locations for the transmitters. In Northern Ireland there were issues with a neighbouring quarry and potential damage to the facility from related blasting. In Wales, the issue involved both the Forestry Commission and a neighbouring landowner over access to the site.

Some of the briefing sheets also provided information on listenership in each of the areas. Others touched on reception problems in area such as the Mendip Hills in Dorset, and in Plymouth.


The Biledale Fire, November (1975)

Ystalyfera UHF Relay Station report dated 17 November 1976

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