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This is a mixed file of correspondence and reports on the issue of group viewing, dating between 2/2/1954 – 3/12/1959. The file contains conference reports. The first report is of a conference on “Television in the Service of Informal Education”, held at the University of London and dated October 1957.   Reports/papers at the conference include “Television and the Youth Service”, “Group Viewing in Polish Hostels”, “Adult Education and Television Group Viewing”, and “Individual Viewing and Group Discussion”. The report includes the speeches from each presentation. Another conference report is on “The French Tele-club Conference Translated from Tele-clubs FC.N.F.R”

Additionally there is a report entitled “Television and the Youth Service” This report documents an experiment carried out in 1953. The experiment include 20 boys and 20 girls, each was interviewed and completed a questionnaire. This was to give an indication as to how much television played a part in their leisure activities. The report contains detailed information. Examples include age ranges, employment, and access to television, frequency of viewing, programmes viewed, and hobbies. The report also contains information on the programmes viewed by the young people, after activities, their discussions and comments. The activity consisted of a guest speaker related the topic of the television programme. For example on 25/4/1953 the young people watched and episode of “Course of Justice”. After the watched it, they had a talk and discussion lead by a local juvenile magistrate, a senior probation officer and a solicitor. Comments included questions such as should the parent pay the fine after an offense had been committed by a junior, and what type of offense was bad enough to get a young person sent to an approved school. There are also comments on the picture quality.

The file also contains a bulletin from Group View, a national advisory committee for group viewing. It contains advance programme information for organisations responsible for group viewing schemes. There are also lengthy memorandum from the director general of the National Advisory Committee for Television Group Viewing as well as letters from the National Council of Social Service. There is also a selection of Radio Times pull out supplements called “Listen and Look”. They provide extra educational information to compliment television and radio programmes.

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