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Television Research, November 1958 – December 1959

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File: 402/12

Box: 3995525

Attached media: 402.12 D1, 402.12 D2, 402.12 D3

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence on television research and covers the period between November 1958 and December 1959. Also included are two copies of a booklet entitled “Parents, Children and Television” that was published by the Authority in 1958.

The early letters from Robert Fraser to Sir Henry Hinchliffe discuss how the Authority can use and conduct research, with Fraser suggesting that the Authority might best focus its efforts on operational research, especially on technical matters such as colour, instead of fundamental research. Hinchliffe suggested that research money might be allocated to universities to conduct research in specific areas. This idea was approved by the committee in its 16 December 1958 meeting. Letters were subsequently sent out to a number of universities to ascertain if there any current research on television transmission was being conducted at their respective institutions (see attached document). Responses from the universities are included in the file, as well as a report on the research activities. Sir Henry Hinchliffe also contacted Lord Halsbury at the National Research Development Corporation to ascertain if any research was being conducted on the improvement of television transmission. The initial search did not identify any on-going research that was not already adequately funded.

Also included in the file is ITA Paper 81 (59) on Capital Expenditure to 31st March 1959 and Proposals for 1959-60 by the Director-General, and an article entitled “Objectives of the Melbourne University TV Research Project –Some Observations on Communication Research” by Dr F. Emery. The usefulness of Dr Emery’s research was questioned by the Director General.


Letter dated 18 November 1958 to Sir Robert Fraser from Sir Henry Hinchliffe

Letter dated 5 January 1959 to The Lord Adrian, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Cambridge from Sir Robert Fraser

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