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Television Research, January 1960

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File: 402/13

Box: 3995525

Attached media: 402.13 D1, 402.13 D3, 402.13 D2

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402/13 – 3995525

Television Research, January 1960

This file contains mostly correspondence and covers the time span from December 1963 to February 1985. Included in the file is Standing Consultative Committee (SCC) Paper 55(64) [or 2/1 (64) as the original number had been slashed through] on Engineering and Technology: An Approach from the Minister for Science, dated 3 January 1964.

The SCC Paper is in response to the Feilden Report detailing the shortage of engineers in the UK. The paper suggests ways in which television can help with the prestige of engineering by equating it with that of a scientist. The assumed audience would be schoolboys, their parents and school teachers. There was no reference to attempting to recruit schoolgirls into the field of engineering. The following correspondence was on how the ITV companies have been promoting engineering.

An Associated-Rediffusion programme proposal for “The Englishman in his Environment” by Guthrie Moir is also in the file. This proposal was for a 35 programme adult education series. The remaining correspondence for 1964-65 addressed adult education, and conferences on the subject of television. Included is a newspaper extract from the Sunday Telegraph on a project on the effects of television on the young conducted by the London School of Economics.

The file then contains a few letters from the 1980s, including research questions on screen violence, an award of an IBA Fellowship for research on the International Flows Project, and an IBA Fellowship at the European Institute for the Media.


Letter dated 15 July 1980 from Colin Shaw to Dr G.P. Chapman

Letter dated 6 February 1964 from Noel Stevenson to Bernard Sendall

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