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Classification: Correspondence

File: 3088

Box: 3995560

Attached media: ITA Paper 62(69)

Summary of Document

This file contains mixed correspondence concerning the Television Research Committee dating between 9/1/1969 – 27/4/1971. There are minutes from a meeting held by the committee at the Home Office. (9/1/1969). At the meeting the committee discussed issues such as media and racial prejudice, UNESCO, staffing and research projects.

There are also notes on the second progress report and recommendations alongside its correspondence. The notes indicate that the report underlines the work of the committee, the centre for Mass Communication research projects, other projects that were supported by the committee and future policy and recommendations.

Additionally the file contains a paper from the ITA dated 8/5/1969. The paper is a note by Dr Haldane, indicating that the Television Research committee which was awarded funds by the ITA of £250,000 had by this point substantially completed its task. The paper gives an outline of the committee’s activities and comments briefly upon them.

The rest of the file consists of correspondence regarding the second reports and what was to become of the committee after it had fulfilled its purpose. A letter from the Centre for Mass Communication dated 18/11/1970 suggests that after the committee wound up it left behind a group of trustees. These trustees met up from time to time and discussed reports from various projects. There is also the fourth annual report from the Centre for Media and Mass Communication (1969/70).

Correspondence between the ITA and the University of Leicester indicate that there was conflict between the university and the committee trusties on the matter of funding.

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