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Television and the Child: Joint Committee Reports, PQ’s and the Viewers comments

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Classification: Correspondence

File: 402/11

Box: 3995224

Summary of Document

The documents in this file date between 21/7/1960 – 20/7/1978.  The file contains mixed correspondence and reports. There is a report entitled “Television and the Child” which is a report written by the joint BBC/ITA committee and is dated 15/6/1960.  The report indicates concern regarding the safeguarding of children and that programmes up until 7pm should not contain anything unsuitable for children. It also states that the committee believed that television was primarily for family entertainment and that it assumed certain responsibilities for those who provided it.

There is a letter from the Mr Dunnicco at Robert Browning Settlement about concerns of the committee’s report on children and television, dated 22/7/1960. It states that in the author’s opinion 95% of the court cases would occur without cinema and television, stating that delinquency was a matter of individual responsibility. The reply from ATV to Dunnico suggests that his response was useful to the committee as Mr Dunnico had vast experience in the field of social work.

There is also a letter from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. It informs the reader that they have just had a police officer on a travelling fellowship in New York and was studying the Police-Juvenile liaison scheme. He found that the city had schemes in place to encourage children to spend their leisure time in a constructive way. The letter is dated 20/7/1978

This file would be useful to a researcher studying children’s television and the effect it had on juvenile behaviour.

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