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Tate & Lyle Ltd – Thames TV

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Classification: Correspondence

File: 3078/2/84

Box: 3995531

Attached media: 3078.2.84

Summary of Document

This file contains scripts, newspaper clipping and correspondence. The time period covered is from August 1974 to September 1974. Besides the Authority, the correspondence is from Granada and Thames TV.

In response to a segment produced by Granada, “What the Papers Say” that aired on 1 August 1974, on a sugar shortage, and subsequent buying panic, Tate & Lyle initiated legal action against Thames TV that had aired the programme. The matter was quickly dropped by Tate & Lyle, but not before Thames had been ordered to appear in court and incur legal fees. All of the Authority files on legal matters bear this mark of determining, and discussing, which party was liable in a libel action. This is also apparent in file (3078/2/71), on libel in connection with Ulster TV and the News at Ten. The ITV stations that air the programme were open to legal action, even though they were often not responsible for the content. In this particular case, Tate & Lyle quickly obtained a court injunction against Thames TV for airing information about a topic that was being openly discussed in major newspapers.


Letter dated 26 September 1974 from B. E. Marr to B Rook

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