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Television and the Child: Joint Committee Reports, PQ’s and the Viewers comments 21 Jul 1960 16 Jun 2015

The documents in this file date between 21/7/1960 – 20/7/1978.  The file contains mixed correspondence and reports. There is a...

Radio Programming Chiltren 15 Aug 1982 15 Jun 2015

This file consists of correspondence of Chiltern Radio dating between 15/8/1982 – 24/5/1983. The station was an independent local radio...

Programme Clashes with the BBC 24 Jun 1959 15 Jun 2015

This file contains mixed correspondence dating between 24/6/1959 – 6/12/1968. There are notes on the postmaster general’s authority to act...

Report on Television Complaints Dealt with During July, 1975 – March, 1976, Note by the Secretary to the Board 22 Apr 1976 11 Jun 2015

This is a paper produced by the Complaints Review Board dated 22 April 1976. The two main areas of discussion...