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TitleDatedPosted Excerpt
Moral Education 19 Sep 1974 19 Jun 2015

This is a mixed file containing papers, clippings and correspondence on the topic of moral education. The documents date between...

Religion 01 Jan 1968 19 Jun 2015

This file contains a letter from Christopher Martin and his draft of a paper on religious television. Martin was preparing...

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (Moonies) 01 Mar 1980 16 Jun 2015

This file contains correspondence related to an ATV documentary titled “The Moonies”. The file contains documents from March 1980 to...

Regional Officers Reports, Midlands, January 1969 – December 1971 01 Jan 1969 16 Jun 2015

This file contains the Regional Officers’ Reports from the Midland Region. The reports were produced every two months. This file...