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Complaint to the Board Concerning the This Week Programme “Nymphs and Shepherds” 20 Jan 1976 26 Jun 2015

This document from 1976 is a detailed description of complaints handled by the Complaints Review Board. The details of the...

Complaints Reviewed Board Edwin Riddell 01 Aug 1978 16 Jun 2015

This file contains documents from the complaints review board dating between 01/08/1978 – 13/2/1980.  The complaints are related to radio....

Complaints Review Board Papers 1972 and 1973 25 Jan 1972 15 Jun 2015

This file is a stack of papers/reports and minutes from the complaints review boards from the years 1972 and 1973...

Mr. R. McWhirter v IBA (Warhol) Vol.2 27 Mar 1973 15 Jun 2015

This file is full of correspondence concerning the Andy Warhol documentary. The documentary was transmitted by ATV on 27/3/1973. The...