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Television and the Child: Joint Committee Reports, PQ’s and the Viewers comments 21 Jul 1960 16 Jun 2015

The documents in this file date between 21/7/1960 – 20/7/1978.  The file contains mixed correspondence and reports. There is a...

Religious Programmes – ATV 01 Sep 1965 19 Jun 2015

Battle of Britain – 25th Anniversary Service – Westminster Abbey September 1965 This is a small file of correspondence regarding...

Programme Clashes with the BBC 24 Jun 1959 15 Jun 2015

This file contains mixed correspondence dating between 24/6/1959 – 6/12/1968. There are notes on the postmaster general’s authority to act...

BBC/IBA Joint Programmes Monarchy (film on Royal Family) 05 Mar 1968 15 Jun 2015

This file contains mixed correspondence on the BB and IBA’s joint film on the Royal family. The documents date between...