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TAC/TSC Papers December 1961 – October 1967

Document Information

File: A/E/0102/01

Box: 3995290

Summary of Document

This file consists of documentation written by the Television Advisory Committee and their technical sub-committee. The documentation consists of reports, both by the Television Advisory Committee and the sub-committee, letters between the Postmaster General and the chairman and information papers. The dates of the file range from 1963-67. The discussion within the file is centred on the proposal for colour Television in 1967. Documents of interest from this file include a report on UK delegation on C.C.I.R study group XI sub-group meeting on colour television London 196, which seems to indicate problems with international decision making. There is also a Television Advisory Committee Technical sub-committee report of interim meeting Vienna 24/3/1965-7/4/1965 and a Postmaster general’s formal report on choice of colour Television system 1965. There are also letters from the company BREMA expressing their views on colour Television broadcasting. Additionally the file contains a subcommittee report on changing TV standard from 405-625 lines. There is a report by the Television Advisory Committee about dated 1967 to the Postmaster General after he had announced that he would take into account the committee’s recommendations. The report summarises the research undertaken by the committee for the transition to colour television.

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