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Suggestions for Programmes (Passed to Programme Companies)

Document Information

Classification: Programmes

File: 5018 (9)

Box: 3996225

Attached media: 5018 D1, 5018 D2, 5018 D3, 5818 D4

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence regarding programme proposals. This is volume nine in a series and covers the time period between August 1987 and January 1990.

The file contains programme suggestions received from individuals and passed to production companies. Suggestions for programming covered a wide range of subjects, from angling to motor car repair, from Second World War POWs in Asia to child survivors of the Holocaust. Some organisations wrote in asking for coverage of their events. There are scripts and detailed programme proposals in the file as well. The Authority’s response in every case was to inform the writer that the Authority did not produce programming, and that the local ITV stations should be contacted (see letter dated 22 January 1990).


Prospectus from Four Star International for the series “The Achievers”

Letter dated 22 January 1990, from Anne Nethercott to potential contributor

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