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Staff Regulations

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This handbook is a reprint of the reissued handbook of 15 February 1971. The reprint with amendments is dated March 1983.

The book is divided into 21 sections with three appendices on pay, travel allowances, and motor vehicle allowances. The sections are a) Agreement and Negotiations, b) Appointments, c) Attendance and Service, d) Staff Pension Plan, e) Reports and Interviews, f) Ancillary Interest, g) Medical, h) Pay, j) Additional Pay – BE Grades, k) Additional Pay – Grades 1-5, l) Additional Pay – Grades 6 and Above, m) Travelling Expenses, n) Transfer Allowances, o) Welfare, p) Training, q) Leave, r) Sick Leave, s) Other Leave, t) Termination, u) Special Arrangements – Jersey, and v) Special Arrangements – Permanent Part-Time Staff.

The handbook indicates that the recognised union for the Authority is the Association of Broadcasting Staff, which was originally established as the BBC Staff Organisation during World War II.

The staff transfer allowance differed for married staff and single staff. Married staff members were able to claim legal and professional fees for buying and selling accommodation, agent’s commissions involved in the sale of accommodation, removal and storage costs of household goods, and rates and insurance under certain circumstances. In addition travel and accommodation allowances for the staff member and his family necessary during relocation would be paid, which could be extended for up to six months under special circumstances. In contrast single staff members were given a lump sum of £168 with documentation required for all sums if the cost exceeds this amount. If single staff members were selling accommodation, the staff member would be eligible for the same provisions offered married staff. Removal costs could be claimed by single staff, with the submission of two cost estimates. However, subsistence allowance for transfer was only for 7 nights, and was not extendable beyond this time period.


Section S, 5. Maternity Leave

Section T, 2. Retirement Age

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