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Scottish Television Ltd

Document Information

File: A/A55/0327/08

Box: 3997002

Attached media: Questions and Answers

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence and papers relating to Scottish Television. The documents date between 21/1/1980 – 24/2/1982. There is a document containing the questions and answers to do with Franchises. It does not state where they are from. The Questions are typed and the answers are hand written. There is also a document with suggested questions for public meetings which is dated 15/12/1978. Another document dated 19/12/1978 discusses a proposed public meeting for contract applications and awards. It is unclear whether the list of questions and answers are related to this meeting.

There are also applications from Caledonia Television for a central Scotland contract. There are also documents to indicate that Lowland Broadcasting Limited and Scottish Television also put forward applications for this contract. There is also a letter from the IBA (28/12/1980) offering Grampian Television the contract for North Scotland. There is a letter from Scottish Television indicating that they are signing a contract which would enable them to operate from 1/1/1982.

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