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SCC/TSC: Papers CP 1(81) – 44(81)

Document Information

Classification: Reports

File: A/E/0104/1

Box: 3995294

Attached media: Study Group II

Summary of Document

The file consists of documents dating between 6/5/1955 – 21/12/1960. It includes letters from the Radio Accommodation Department, International Radio consultative committee and the Post Office Engineering Department. There is also an ITA paper regarding international and national obligations and the Independent Television Authority as a Recognised Private Operating Agency which is dated 12/3/1956. There is also a catalogue of allocations, reports, resolutions and study groups by the CCIR in 1953. The file is compiled mainly of documents containing information on certain study groups and what they are researching.

The file also contains several reports. For example a report on the Television standards for bands IV and V (L.A 1959). Another report is on Tropospheric – Wave Propagation (15/7/1960). The reports from the study group are of a technical nature with scientific information.

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