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Report on Television Complaints Dealt with During July, 1975 – March, 1976, Note by the Secretary to the Board

Document Information

File: CRB Paper 7(76)

Box: 3995538

Summary of Document

This is a paper produced by the Complaints Review Board dated 22 April 1976. The two main areas of discussion were Scheduling and Programme Content, which was further sub-divided (see document below).

The file consists of one page summaries of complaints received by the Authority and how these were responded to. The form lists the name of the person complaining, the date, the form (i.e. letter, phone call), the programme, the programmes’ producer, and the nature of the complaint. The Scheduling complaints were mainly to do with the broadcasting of promotions or programming of an adult nature at times considered inappropriate by the viewer. Other complaints were scheduling clashes with BBC programming, early or late start times, or time slots for particular programmes. One item noted that viewers complained that the first scheduled service of the Concorde was not broadcast on 21 February 1976. This particular complaint contained a list of those complaining rather than an individual sheet for each complaint.

The programme content issues ranged from complaining that the ingredients for Sachertorte were incorrectly listed in a programme about Vienna, to connecting Downs Syndrome (referred to as mongolism in the Authority document) with psychopathic behaviour in a film “The Twisted Nerve”. There were also complaints about language, bias, and inappropriate content.


Table of Contents, Report on Television Complaints Dealt with During July, 1975 – March, 1976, dated 22 April 1976

Complaint of 21 July 1975 regarding programme New Faces

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