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Reorganisation of IRN News Service Initial Feasibility Study

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Classification: Reports

File: A/D/0245/11

Box: 3995408

Summary of Document

This report is dated 20 April 1982 and was prepared by Arthur Young and McClelland Moores & Co. Management Consultant. The report details the different computer-based systems that were on offer to reorganise the news distribution system for the Independent Radio News (IRN) news distribution system.

The new system would streamline the distribution and editing system. The changes needed to establish new communications systems, include email capabilities and instant messaging.

The study visited British Telecom, Cable and Wireless, Prestel, BT Gold, and Case in view of determining what services each organisation could provide, and an estimated cost of setting up a computer-based system. Pros and cons for each service are listed, with a preference to the BT Gold system being inferred.

Included in the report is a news release for BT and BT Gold dated 22 March 1982. The BT Gold system was derivative of the US Dialcom system. The service is geared towards business and organisations, with no reference being made to individual consumers.

This report would be of interest to researchers looking at the development of computer-based news distribution, wire service history, and the history of email and the internet.


Appendix I – Diagram of computer distribution system

Appendix I – Figure 2-1, Case Interactive Message Format

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