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File: 5008/5/5

Box: 3995560

Attached media: BBC Television Letter

Summary of Document

Battle of Britain – 25th Anniversary Service – Westminster Abbey September 1965

This is a small file of correspondence regarding the service at Westminster Abbey in September 1965 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. There is a detailed letter to Brian Sendall at the ITA from ATV giving a detailed history of initial preparation/information of the potential broadcast of the service, with dates and descriptions. The letter states that the queen and Prince Phillip would be present at the service and that there were also applications from the BBC.

There seems to have been a dispute with the BBC and Westminster Abbey about the coverage of the service both nationally and internationally. This is highlighted in a letter from the BBC (11/5/1965). The correspondences in the file cease on 28/5/1965 and therefore give no indication as o whether the matter was resolved or whether ATV broadcast the Service.

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