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File: A/54/0407/02

Box: 3995555

Attached media: Draft Report

Summary of Document

This file contains a letter from Christopher Martin and his draft of a paper on religious television. Martin was preparing for his ordination and he is offering it to the authority, as it might be of use to them. The paper is about 9000 words and covers the period 1968-1981. It is in a very draft form, including crossings out, cut up pages and handwritten notes. The paper gives detailed information about religious programmes and presents an interesting narrative of religious broadcasting history. For example in the section on page 9 about Morning Worship, Martin refers to the televisions companies, years of broadcasting, geographical coverage and religious leader involved. It also talks about rating for religious service broadcasting. Martin constructed the document without any access to records and gives the symbol “?” or “Check” when he is unsure of something. He is wrote the report therefore from the perspective of a religious viewer and not necessarily a historian, so one needs to be careful when using it in research. The file also has a rewritten version of this paper which is dated 16/1/1987 but the author of this revision is unknown. It is also unclear as to whether the author of the revised paper had access to records.

Additionally this file contains handwritten notes about another IBA file on religion (5008 vol14). There an appraisal from LWT on religion (1974) which is rom an IBA file, most likely the file mentioned.

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