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Regional Officers’ Minutes 1964-1965

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File: 3095/3

Box: 3995535

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The file contains minutes of the Regional Officers’ Meetings. The date range of this file is from January 1964 to December 1965. The meetings discussed items policy issues, programming content, and public relations. There was also reference to technical engineering matters, but these issues were not explored in much detail.

Some of the items that were current during this two year period were the establishment of a Central Film Registry to register the films purchases of the companies, and the creation of public relations press kits. Of particular interest during this time was attention to the depiction of violence before 21.30, with particular attention to the time period between 20.00 and 21.00. A related matter was that of adult matter during the late afternoon on Sundays, and whether the post 21.30 rule should also be in effect on Sunday. An item that was brought up in 1964 and subsequently dropped by the end of the year was the use of background music. By December 1964, the Directors determined that background music did not cause undue distraction to the viewer, and the matter no longer needed to be discussed. One item that was raised in 1964 and discussed again in 1965 was the production of a behind-the-scenes film detailing the script-to-screen process. In July 1965, the film had been scripted, but the Directors were not happy with its content. No further mention was made during 1965. The minutes also contain pointed commentary on the dramatic productions by the ITV companies.

The notes indicated that the relationship between the Regional Officers and the Authority did generate some friction. There is mention in January 1964 that the Regional Directors were not always expressing the Authority viewpoint, and the Directors were told that they must consult with the head office and the Public Relations Department before making any public statements on issues of importance. In addition, the file contains several letters from the April 1965 time period that expressed concern over the format, and discussions being carried out at the Regional Officers’ Meetings.


Appendix on dramas attached to agenda for Regional Officers’ Meeting for 13 May 1964

Schedule for Monday, 30 November 1964 of the Regional Officers’ Meeting

Some Advertisements which Viewers Consider Misleading, attachment to Agenda for 19-20 January 1965 Regional Officers’ Meeting

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