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Document Information

File: A/D/0382/06

Box: 3995441

Attached media: Schedule, Schedule

Summary of Document

This file consists of correspondence of Chiltern Radio dating between 15/8/1982 – 24/5/1983. The station was an independent local radio station operating in the Dunstable and Bedford area. There is a letter from the IBA to Chiltern Radio reviewing its first year of broadcasting. The IBA recognised strengths in output despite of a few difficult conditions. The letter is very positive, outlined the stations achievements in different areas of broadcasting. It is dated 3/11/1982.

A large percentage of the file contains programme schedules. Examples of programmes include “Kids’ stuff with Phil Holden”, “Late Night Chiltern”, “Country care”, “What’s on from Chiltern” and “Walt Disney World”. The schedules date between 18/12/1982 – 7/1/1983, therefore they also containing special seasonal programmes. This is not only useful for researchers interested in local radio, but also those interested in Christmas broadcasts.

The file also contains letters about safeguarding, coverage of budget day, schedule changes and comments from the IBA that Chiltern’s music catered too much for young audiences.   There is also a note concerned about the legalities of Chiltern’s coverage of the Election (dated 24/5/1983). It states that they intend to investigate the matter further.

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