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File: A/D/0395/15

Box: 3995447

Attached media: Football Coverage

Summary of Document

The file contains minutes, memoranda, information papers, agendas and note of the Radio Consultative Committee which date between 22/1/85-24/8/1990. The meeting minutes form the 50th meeting of the committee includes a list of representatives from independent local radio stations and AIRC representatives. The topics discussed included pirate radio, major events alarm system, road signs, the broadcasting act, rental review, independent national radio, and presenter read commercials and ILR general prospects. In discussions about independent national radio, the committee discussed a paper outlining the rationale for INR, the possible relationship between ILR and INR and the financing for the new service. Questions arose as to whether INR would be a subsidiary, like channel 4. Another question was whether INR would be separate from ILR and how it would be introduced and organised.

Other documents included in this file are notes on a conference concerning broadcasting and finance (20/12/1985), a paper on split frequency broadcasting (8/1/1988) and a paper on the coverage of European football fixtures (21/1/1985). This file is useful for researchers interested in independent radio and its discussions on a national level and those interested in IBA reports and papers.

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