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Publicising Family Viewing Policy

Document Information

File: 3066/7/6

Box: 3996309

Attached media: The Spectator Magazine

Summary of Document

This file consists of documents relating to the IBA’s policy on publicising family viewing. The documents date between 4/1/1986 – 26/11/1987. There is an IBA paper dated 4/1/1986 entitled “Publicising Family Viewing Policy and Other Aspects of Programme Regulation”. It gives information on the IBA’s developing policies and its effectiveness to minimise offensive broadcasting. There is also a page of censor notices regarding BBFC film certificates.

The file also contains a discussion papers on the topic of publicising family viewing policy and is dated 6/3/1986. It contains information on family viewing time, stating that up until 9pm on ITV and Channel 4 avoid showing anything unsuitable for children and that after this time parents share responsibility for what their children are permitted to see. It also discusses the idea of on screen announcements which carry the warning of the watershed time and the use of classifications of the BBFC.

The file has correspondence regarding the special feature in TV Times on ITV family viewing policy. There are also proofs from TV Times issue 17 (April 19-25 1986). These proofs contain information on the IBA’s family viewing policy.

Additionally the file contains a copy of “The Spectator” (Feb 1986) alongside its research papers. The papers give information on the magazine’s representation of opinion, industry and professions. Its place in the file is explained by the IBA’s intention to print an advertisement in the magazine regarding their family viewing policy. There are correspondences which discuss whether the advertising deal would be worthwhile.

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