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Classification: Reports

File: RK/5/56 [A/A55/0334/01?]

Box: 3997003

Summary of Document

The file numbers in this box do not correspond with those on the IBA master document. The file contains correspondence. The items are dated from November 1979 to December 1979.

The file was further subdivided by tabs for each of the regional meetings covered: Inverness, Kilmarnoch, Kirkcaldy, Kirkwall (Orkney), Lerwick (Shetland), Skye, and Stirling. Each of the tabs contained a poster advertising the date and time of the meeting (see document), a press release for each area, a list of local people and organisations to be notified of the meeting, and a summary of the meeting (see document). The summaries noted how many people were in attendance and in general solicited their views on programming. There was some indication that the IBA felt the introduction of the 4th Channel would make more niche programming available to viewers.


Public Invitation to attend meeting on The Future of Independent Television, 7.30p.m., 14 November 1979, Inverness

Summary of public meeting held on 2 October 1979 in Kirkwall, Orkney

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