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Prospective Legal Action – “The Most Dangerous Man in the World”

Document Information

Classification: Correspondence

File: 3078/2/102

Box: 3995532

Attached media: 3078.2.102

Summary of Document

This file contains documentation on a documentary produced by Central Independent Television. The documents cover a date range from December 1981 to January 1982. Included with the internal memoranda is a script for “the Most Dangerous Man in the World”, titled “Frank Terpil – Confessions of a Dangerous Man” for the US market. The film was by Antony Thomas.

The documentary was on the subject of arms sales for use by terrorists, and was produced by Central Independent TV in London. The sound script also included a list of the production team. The letters and memoranda dealt with the steps taken to limit potential legal action for defamation. This file, and the other legal files in the Authority archive, could be of interest those researching legal history of television, or researching documentary production. There appeared to be a conflict between the legal adviser for Central Independent Television, and the Authority concerning the need for a second legal opinion from the Authority and the costs that paying extra fees would have on documentary production. Reference was also made in the file to other legal cases, including one with Tate and Lyle.


Letter dated 4 Janaury 1982 from Colin Shaw to Anthony Lucas

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