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Programme Clashes with the BBC

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File: 3086

Box: 3995533

Attached media: BBC and ITV Schedule

Summary of Document

This file contains mixed correspondence dating between 24/6/1959 – 6/12/1968. There are notes on the postmaster general’s authority to act under article 15(4) to direct the ITA to prevent clashes in programming with the BBC. There are also letters from Lincoln and District Trades council comparing schedules of ITV and the BBC. Examples of each company’s schedule are laid out side by side in order to show that the BBC and ITV show programmes of a similar nature at the same time. Lincoln and District traders insist that viewers should be able to choose from a wider range of topics and a more varied selection given (14/4/1960).

The file also contains complaints that viewers are unable to watch two programmes on different channels as they are being aired at the same time. There is also come correspondence about the BBC programme “Steptoe” and its clash with “Coronation Street” in September 1960. Viewers have written to the ITA to see what can be done on this matter.

In a letter to Mrs Coupland in April 1968, the chairman indicates that it is not the responsibility of the ITA to provide alternative, but additional television to the BBC.   They should try and provide better programmes as competitors and gain more viewers, yet it is the choice of the viewer as to what they watch. The file also contains an analysis of a week’s programme output in the London area for BBC1 and ITV. The programmes are split into genres and the airing times are indicated. Comparisons can easily be made between the two companies.


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