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Post Office Bill 1967

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This file contains correspondence relating the 1967 Post Office Bill dated between 8/5/1967- 31/12/1968. The correspondences discuss the Post Office Monopoly, questioning whether it needed to be challenged or accepted. There are a few lengthy memorandum on this issue, where one can read information and research this monopoly and radio frequencies.

The file contains a document entitled “Reorganisation of the Post Office”, which was presented to parliament by the Postmaster General in March 1967

Other correspondences in the file discuss the provision of the link system and notes from meetings. The meetings discussed both the Post Office monopoly and the link system. There are also extracts from the Telegraphy Act 1869 and the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949. The question within the meeting and the correspondence seems to have been whether the vesting of the modernised telecommunications monopoly in the Post Office Corporation could have been qualified so as not to apply in the case of links used by broadcasting authorities.

There are also correspondences regarding the new Post Office Bill along with meeting notes from 13/12/1968. This file is useful to a researcher interested in the Post Office Monopoly of the radio and changes to its bill. The correspondence is very detailed and therefore a lot of information can be gathered from this file.

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