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No. 73

Document Information

File: A/A56/0403/08

Box: 3995258

Attached media: Letter

Summary of Document

This small file contains letters from IBA and TVS concerning the children’s programme “No.73”. The letters date between 14/01/1985 – 30/06/1988. There is also a letter from Teresa Holland (Senior Assistant Regional Officer South) complimenting the program “Castle of Adventure”.   The main focus of the correspondence seems to be sponsorship regulations, where the IBA accuse TVS of not following guidelines regarding sponsorship acknowledgements. For example the company “Swizzels” wished to sponsor a five-a-side football tournament on “No.73”. According to Claire Mulholland this did not comply with sponsorship guidelines of the IBA and she made this clear to TVS in her letter dated 3/12/1986. There was a similar incident where the company “Boxtree” wished to fund a prize trip to Spain in exchange for exposure. Mulholland comments on how TVS appear to be avoiding the guidelines (10/03/1987). The letters also discuss promoting books connected to the programme on air.  This resulted in a discussion by the IBA in London (letter dated 11/09/1987) on how often the annual was to be permitted to be promoted.

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