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Mr Joseph Clarke v. Lord Carrington, Prospective Legal Action

Document Information

File: 3078/2/78

Box: 3995530

Attached media: 3078.2.78, 3078.2.78 D2

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence covering the time period from November 1972 to March 1978, relating to alleged libel on items airing on “News at Ten”.

This libel case was over comments made by Lord Carrington during an interview that aired on the “News at Ten” on Tuesday, 16 November 1971, regarding individuals arrested, including Joseph Clarke, in a police sweep of a neighbourhood in Ulster. Mr Clarke claimed libel as Lord Carrington had referred to those arrested as murderers. Others who were also part of the group arrested later joined the libel suit. Reference was also made to other libel suits pending at the time, including a libel suit by P.J. McLean, which was not detailed in this file. Like the issue raised by John McQuade MP, the programme, while airing in Ulster, was produced by ITN. Ulster Television was the local broadcaster, but had no input or control over content of the programme. The case never seemed to have been resolved, and the matter was dormant by February 1978.


Letter dated 9 February 1978 from F.W. Letch to B. Rook

Letter dated 23 February 1978 from B. Rook to F.W. Letch

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