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File: 5023/1/21 (2)

Box: 3996212

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This file contains correspondence and newspaper clippings on the issue of Moral Education. This file and others in a similar series were files maintained by the Education Officers for the IBA. The materials in this file date from September 1974 to May 1983.

Much of the correspondence was between the IBA Education Officers and the Social Morality Council. The Social Morality Council had established a Moral Education Centre at Goldsmiths in 1976. The Centre later moved to the London University Institute of Education. The Moral Education Centre also started publication of the Journal of Moral Education during this time period. With planned cuts in religious programming, the intent of this correspondence was to maintain morally focussed broadcasting to children, in this case, through including the topic in the ITV Schools programming.


Memo dated 30 April 1975, from Jean Sargeant to HEPS

Memo date 24 May 1983, from CAP (T), on Journal of Moral Education

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