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Moral Education

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File: 5023/1/21

Box: 3996212

Summary of Document

This is a mixed file containing papers, clippings and correspondence on the topic of moral education. The documents date between 19/9/1974 – 24/5/1983. There is an extract from a curriculum magazine dated 28/10/1974. The article is about Religious education and curriculum innovation and is produced by Goldsmith’s college for their curriculum magazine. There are documents relating to the Social Morality Council and their meetings.

There is also a selection of photocopied journal articles. These include: “Religious Beliefs and Moral Values: The influence of the school”, “A Developmental study of the Acquisition of some Moral Concepts in Children aged 7-15” and “Between People, Between Peoples”. These are psychological and social studies. There is also an IBA paper from its panel of religious advisors entitled “Towards Reviving Religious Programmes for Children” and it is dated 16/7/1975.

The file also contains a press release related to the progress and problems in moral education (22/8/1975). The document informs the reader of a collection of papers in a book “Progress and Problems in Moral Education”. There is also an Educational Research Newspaper.

This file seems to be focussed on morality in terms of religion and how to approach the topic in a multi faith society.

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