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Miss Jones & Son

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Classification: Programmes

File: 5096/2/36

Box: 3996154

Attached media: 5096.2.36 D1, 5096.2.36 D2

Summary of Document

This file contains correspondence about the situation comedy “Miss Jones & Son”, which featured an unmarried mother. The objections to the programme were based on the appropriateness of showing such material at 8pm before the watershed, and the treatment of the subject matter in a comedy. Many of the letters referred to children of unwed mothers as handicapped, and insisted that such a tragic situation should not be the subject of humour. Although the responses from the Authority were essentially form letters, there were often several drafts of the responses, which would be useful to the researcher.

There is a misfiled letter in the file regarding the Blair Peach inquest which was broadcast on “Thames News”. The letter was a response to one sent to Margaret Thatcher and was dated 25 June 1980, and while referring to Blair Peach, the letter was generally critical of Thames TV’s bias against the police.


Barrhead South church Viewing Group, Programme Comment – ITV, 20 April 1977

Memo from Stephen Murphy, 28 April 1977

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