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Classification: Minutes

File: A/E/0104/07

Box: 3995292

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This file spans a time period from 1979 to 1981. The earlier documents concerned the setting up of arrangements for the Joint National Advisory Committee meeting that was held on 1 May 1980 at Crawley Court in Winchester. Also included are the minutes of the meeting which is titled “Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Advisory Committees”.

The remainder of the file contains committee meetings for the IBA Advertising Liaison Committee, beginning with the first meeting held on 21 July 1980, and extending to 11 November 1981. The final document is an agenda for the 7th Meeting of the Advertising Liaison Committee that was held on 22 January 1982 at 70 Brompton Road, London.

The members of the Advertising Liaison Committee were representatives from the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), the Independent Television Companies Association (ITCA), the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), and the IBA. The Chairman of the Committee was Lord Thomson of Monifieth from the IBA with Harry Theobalds serving as the Secretary.

During this time period the Committee discussed the arrangements for selling advertising on the new Channel Four. The major areas of concern were establishment of rates, advertising during specialist programmes, pre-emption, and cancellation.

As the organisations that were on the committee represented both the advertisers and television companies, there was disagreement about pre-emption that was still not resolved by the 11 November 1981 meeting. The issue stemmed out of the different rates that were paid by advertisers, and the ability of advertisers willing to pay a higher rate to bump (or pre-empt) an advertiser that had paid a lower rate.


Photo of Participants for 1 May 1980 meeting

ALC Paper 3 (81) – Broadcasting Act 1980, Note by Staff, written on 2 February 1981

ALC Paper 4 (81) – Advertising on Channel Four, Note by Staff, written on 2 February 1981

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