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Independent TV Service Committee Meeting Papers and Correspondence

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File: A/E/0103/4 (1)

Box: 3995291

Attached media: A.E.0103.4 D1, A.E.0103.4 D2

Summary of Document

This volume covers the time period from December 1955 to September 1960. The correspondence and meeting minutes for the Commercial Television Joint Engineering Committee are contained in this file. The early correspondence and reports concerned the adoption of time standards for independent television and the subsequent adoption of the TIM standard, Post Office line fault reporting, and network switching. By 1959, the committee was discussing waveform distortion and linearity testing.

Most of this information is of a technical nature, but it does highlight the struggles in establishing standards, and the transmission difficulties the engineers had at this early stage in commercial television. As a side note, the letters attached below are interesting for their discussion between RC Harman and WE Ready about the use of the term ‘commercial’ as opposed to ‘independent’.


Letter of 26 April 1957 from RC Harman to WE Ready

Letter of 2 April 1958 from WN Anderson to WE Ready

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