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Independent TV Service Committee Meeting Papers and Correspondence

Document Information

File: A/E/0103/5 (2)

Box: 3995291

Attached media: A.E.0103.5 D1

Summary of Document

This volume covers the time period from January 1961 to December 1965. The correspondence and meeting minutes for the Commercial Television Joint Engineering Committee are contained in this file. The same issues of fault reporting, network switching, and distortion that were covered in A/E/0103/4 (1) were discussed in these meeting minutes. The issues covered were technical in nature.

The issue of changing the name of the committee from the Commercial Television Joint Engineering Committee to the Independent Television Joint Engineering Committee was again in April 1964, this time by WN Anderson of the ITA. This issue had been raised in the late 1950s. The records indicated that previous objection to the name change had been dropped, and the change would now be made.   This change was noted in the 20 February 1964 minutes.


Letter of 9 April 1964 from RH Franklin to WN Anderson

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