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Independent Television Authority, Mr Wolstencroft, Advertising Rules

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This file contains correspondence from 1954, and minutes on meetings of the Advertising Advisory Committee in 1955 on the setting of rules for advertising on Independent Television.

Two meetings were held in 1955 on advertising rules, one on 20 April and the other on 9 May, in order to refine the rules. The rules specified that adverts should be easily distinguished from programming, and that no connection between programme content and advertisers should be made. This included product endorsement, and indirect advertising. Of the list of unacceptable products, nine categories were expressly forbidden: money-lenders, matrimonial agencies and correspondence clubs, fortune tellers, funeral services, betting tip services, unlicensed employment services, slimming or bust development, contraceptives, smoking cures, and treatment for alcoholism.


Memorandum, undated referring to 20 April 1955 meeting, from Mr. Pragnell to the Director-General

Principles for Television Advertising: Appendix I

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