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Incremental Radio Contract for Stirling

Document Information

File: A/A55/0340/06

Box: 3997001

Attached media: Stirling Contract Notes

Summary of Document

This file contains reviews of applications for an ILR contract in the Stirling area. There is a summary note by Eileen Allen. It states that two applications were received, Thistle Radio and Stirling Community Radio. She says that Stirling community Radio was the only potentially valuable application, but it was not without concerns. These notes are dated 13/4/1989. The company submitted revised financial plans and were awarded the contract. The file also has the evaluation forms for both of the applications, which include the questions and scores awarded. Additionally there are the application forms from Stirling Community Radio Association. These contain detailed information about the company, their directors, programme schedules, a narrative of company development, staffing and financial planning.

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