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ILR Policy Committee Papers 1973, Mr John Thompson’s File

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File: A/D/0898/01

Box: 3995450

Attached media: A D 0898 01

Summary of Document

This file contains IBA Policy Committee Papers 5 (73) London Weekend Television, 4 (73) Suggested Timetable for Work by the Policy Committee (see document below), 3 (73) Cable Television, 2 (73) Contracts 1974 Onwards, 1 (73) Regional Policy. The papers were produced between 17 April 1973 and 21 May 1973.

The London Weekend Television paper, 5 (73), contains a letter from John Freeman of London Weekend Television critical of the division of the London television market, and its vulnerability with the derestriction of broadcasting hours causing a loss of market share.

Cable Television, 3 (73), is a debate on the development of cable television. Also considered is programme origination and distribution. Cable was being promoted as a way to reach audiences unable to receive regular broadcast, i.e. in hard to reach regions.

Contracts 1974 Onwards, 2 (73), proposes that the 1974-1976 extensions should proceed, with the suggestion that rolling contract be offered from 1976-1986. The remaining two sections discuss organisation of contracts, and how to conduct performance review of the companies during that period.

Regional Policy, 1 (73), gives a history of the present structure of the regional policy for the years between 1954 and 1968, with the rest of the report proposing changes to the organisation, including the introduction of ITV2 and merging the London stations. The letter from London Weekend Television is in response to this policy report.


Suggested Timetable for Work by the Policy Committee

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