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Granta Radio

Document Information

File: A/A59/0403/04

Box: 3995258

Attached media: Proposed Schedule, Letter

Summary of Document

The file contains documents regarding the bid for a local radio station in the Cambridge and Newmarket area. One of the bidding companies was “Granta Radio”. Correspondence regarding their application dates from 27/9/1982 – 10/5/1983 with a copy of their accounts dated 31/3/1986.   The file also consists of information about the members of the advisory committee, with a form for those serving to fill in. There are also minutes from a meetings held by the advisory committee.   The letters contain information about their appeal for shareholders, a logo competition for local school children (with advertisement), with a proposed hand drawn schedule. The letter inviting the regional officer to the meeting with the advisory board contains a different logo, which we assume was the winning entry.

The file also consists of details of the Cambridge structure plan written by Cambridge County Council which contains maps of the local area. Additionally there is a letter from the Diocese of Ely regarding Religious broadcasting, where they refer to the three companies Granta, CNFM and CNBC. The letter seems to be in favour of Granta Radio and is dated 24/05/1988. A letter from the House of Commons is also present, where Alan Haselhurst is stating his views on the decision for the franchise (31/05/1988). It appears however that Granta were unsuccessful as there is a letter in the file that indicates the offer for a Cambridge radio station was made to CN.FM, the letter is dated 17/06/1988

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