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Gloucestershire Broadcasting Co Ltd – Severn Sound Contract

Document Information

Classification: Contracts

File: A/D/0220/4

Box: 3995420

Summary of Document

The contract is dated 21 October 1980, and the file contains documents from that date up to 23 October 1990, when a new agreement was signed. The original agreement sets up the terms for broadcasting and was produced by the law firm Allen & Overy in London.

The agreement establishes relations with contractors, the terms of the appointment, programming expectations, payment terms, and general terms. The general terms include requests for documentation, including financial information and annual reports, and programme schedules. The general terms also includes approval procedures for publishing and advertisement, with reference to profits and payment of licencing royalties to the Authority. Broadcasting hours, the buying and selling of programmes, the setting of character and standards of programme content broadcast, including provisions for impartiality are also outlined. Further rules on prizes, religious content, and advertising are also included. A third schedule is provided that deals directly with advertisements, and the fourth schedule deals for the facilities. Finally the fifth schedule sets out the payment to the Authority by the station, which in this case is £27,500 per annum.

The file also contains a Supplemental Agreement dated 31 December 1981 over programme content, and payment to the Authority. There is also an extension of the original agreement dated 14 October 1985, and a new contact signed 26 November 1990.


Schedule of Deeds and Documents

Cover of Agreement dated 21 October 1980

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