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General Election, Thursday, June 9th 1983

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Classification: Reports

File: No file number

Box: 3995549

Attached media: Election D1, Election D2, Election D3

Summary of Document

The file contains correspondence and reports on co-ordinating broadcasting coverage of the 1983 General Election. Documents in the file date from May 1983 to March 1985. Included in the file are press clippings for 25 May 1983, and 10 June 1983. In addition there are two reports on the General Election of 1983 by Barrie Gunter. One is dated July 1983 and the other March 1984

Prior to the election, particular attention was paid to making sure coverage between the parties balanced. Included in the file is a detailed report on which station coverage area was within a particular constituency. There are also guidelines for election coverage, a detailed report on the election results, and newspaper clipping from 25 May 1983 and 10 June 1983.

The two reports detailed the response to the election coverage. The summary (see below) indicated that viewing interest had diminished from the 1979 General Election. In addition as the election neared, the responses indicated that generally viewers felt that there was too much coverage of the election.


Party Election Broadcasts, Note by Mr. Glencross, dated 18 May 1983

Summary page i & ii from Research Paper, Television Coverage of the 1983 General Election, Selected Findings on Ratings, Appreciate and Opinions

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