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General Election 11 June 1987

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This file consists of four different items related to the general election of 1987. There are two Independent Television Guides to Television for parliamentary candidates. They are intended to help those candidates who are not familiar with the rules regarding their appearances on the television. It is published by Independent Television companies and Channel 4. The first page summarises what a candidate may and may not do. For example they may take part in a constituency programme only if other candidates appear too or if they agree that they may appear without them. They were also allowed to appear as actors, singers, or other entertainers as long as the programmes were fixed before the election period. Examples of things that they were not allowed to do were to take part in a constituency programme before the nominations were closed and appear as a newscaster etc. in current affairs programmes throughout the whole period where the election was pending. The booklet also contains extracts from the Representation of the People Act 1983, and the Broadcasting Act 1981.

The file also contains a table/flow chart quiz on the Representation of the people Act 1983, section 93, alongside notes on how to use it. The table seems to have been intended for use of broadcasters unsure if the transmission of electoral candidates was legal under a certain circumstance. The contains questions of these circumstances with yes/no arrows leading to different questions resulting in an answer on whether the broadcast is lawful or not.

There is also a letter from the IBA dated 30/4/1987. It tells the researcher that the IBA arranged election seminars for both independent radio and television. Due to issues raised at these meetings, the IBA and BBC proposed to the parliamentary committee a broadcast ratio of “5:5:5” among Conservative:Labour:Alliance for TV election broadcasts.

The final document is two attached memoranda regarding TVS local coverage in the south east, where Julia Palfreeman from the Television division requested tapes from the regional executive. This file is useful for a researcher interested in political broadcasting policies.

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