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Franchises (1908)

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File: A/54/0406/09

Box: 3995555

Attached media: Notes on Contract Results

Summary of Document

This file consists of reports and memorandum dating between 31/1/1972 – 18/9/1981. The file has one ITA file and with the rest IBA. The file contains a memorandum from January 1972 regarding the press and programme committees. Attached to it are two schedules which give full details of press holdings. The document quotes extracts from the Television Act and the role of press representation in Independent Television.

The file also contains meeting notes, for example a meeting on ITV’s points for lunch with the Home Secretary. There is also a list of public meetings arranged for 1979/80, naming both the place and the region. This is because during these years the IBA took steps to seek views of the public, in preparation for the new television contracts in 1982 and onwards. There is an IBA pamphlet which explains this. Another document in the file contains the views of the regional officers on contract areas. These views are formed by the regional officers and contain the results from the public meetings. For example in the Midlands, it was said that the area was too large for a single service.

Additionally there is a transcript from A Press Conference on 24/1/1980 on the future of Television Franchises. The transcript is the chairman’s opening speech and questions and answers. There were some questions about a franchise for breakfast television on a national level. There is an indication on some of the questions as to which newspaper each representative belongs too. Other questions include asking about the public meeting and general questions about franchise applications.

The file also contains extensive notes on franchise provisions. These are local independent broadcasting companies who applied to be given shares in the new broadcasting group/channel. There are notes on the confidentiality of the decisions (16/8/1980) followed by individual decisions with a list of feedback comments.   They are in note form, as if they are preparing for a phone call/letter and contain some hand written amendments. These also have timings on them. They are also labelled “Secret”. Some of the results were a straightforward “yes”, others were “No” and some were accepted with revisions.   After this there is also a document that contains possible questions and answers regarding the decisions. These are questions the IBA anticipated receiving after the decisions were made.

An official document from the IBA was compiled on 28/12/1980. It talks about the revisions that the IBA have made due to the changing needs in independent broadcasting, the recession in Britain and the new developing technology. It summarises that in 1980 the Authority published specifications for new franchises (including breakfast time) to beginning broadcasting in 1982. It states that 43 groups/companies applied. It also states that the candidates were interviewed. It then gives the results of each area and who the contracts were awarded too. These contracts were part of the expansion efforts for the development of Channel 4.

The final document in the file is the Royal Television Society’s session on “The Franchise Affair (18/9/1981). This file would be interesting to a researcher interested in the planning of channel 4 and Franchise applications.

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