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File: A/54/0406/12

Box: 3995555

Attached media: School Broadcasting

Summary of Document

In this file there is a proposed monograph on the IBA Fellowship 1967-1984 by Josephine Langham (1/1/1987). In the “Background” section Langham mentions radio broadcasting of the 1920s and 1930s and the BBC. It outlines the BBC monopoly of television in early 1950s and the television act set up by the independent television authority (1952-54). It states the early educational intentions of the authority. This section then informs the reader of educational television and the ITA and the idea of the school teacher fellowship. After the background paper Langham outlines her monograph proposal on the IBA fellowship scheme. She wanted to create a historical and analytical narrative on how the fellowship affected ITA educational broadcasting on ITV. She claims that her work will be a description of the fellowship alongside analysis of the IBA archives, including viewing of educational television. She included a work schedule in the proposal, and claimed it would take two years to complete the book. There are then chapter outlines. Examples of chapters include “Broadcasting and Education”, “Educational Television”, “The Launching of the Fellowship”, “Television in Schools”, “Special Needs”, “Television and Radio in the Community” and “Adult Education”. The book was published in 1990.

The second part of the file contains a paper on School Broadcasting (1968-1980) written by Charles Mayo. He sent it to Joe Weltman (A founded the Education Department at IBA) in May 1987; this is clear in his covering letter to the paper. One can gain useful information from this paper, such as the takeover of educational television by Thames TV from Rediffussion. It also mentions the IBA school teacher fellowships. It discusses the value of educational broadcasting to teachers and classroom viewing. It also names different ITV educational children’s programmes. The paper contains press clippings about the programme “Sesame Street”. Educational religious broadcasting is also mentioned and the Annan committee.

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