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TitleDatedPosted Excerpt
Regional Officers’ Minutes 1964-1965 01 Jan 1965 11 Jun 2015

The file contains minutes of the Regional Officers’ Meetings. The date range of this file is from January 1964 to...

BBC/ITA Programme Innovations and Comparisons 01 Jan 1956 11 Jun 2015

This file contains reports on the programmes aired on both BBC and ITV programming. The reports cover the years between...

Programme Controllers’ Papers, February 1978 01 Feb 1978 11 Jun 2015

This file contains a report titled “Independent Local Radio – Aspects of the IBA’s Programming Control”, with an attached “Memorandum...

Reorganisation of IRN News Service Initial Feasibility Study 20 Apr 1982 11 Jun 2015

This report is dated 20 April 1982 and was prepared by Arthur Young and McClelland Moores & Co. Management Consultant....

ILR Policy Committee Papers 1973, Mr John Thompson’s File 17 Apr 1973 11 Jun 2015

This file contains IBA Policy Committee Papers 5 (73) London Weekend Television, 4 (73) Suggested Timetable for Work by the...

Aske Research Limited, Studies in Radio Listening, Duration of Listening 01 Mar 1981 11 Jun 2015

This report on Duration of Listening was produced for the IBA by Aske Research Ltd in March 1981, and details...

IBA Induction Programme 01 Mar 1977 11 Jun 2015

This is a report by the personnel department on new employee induction procedures produced by the personnel department. The report...